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White Petals
Higher Self


Certain behaviour yields an unfavourable output in one’s life. Until we can come to an understanding that we have ownership via our spirit, then we can elevate our ability to shift certain thoughts in the right direction and change its corresponding behaviour: Once we correct the application of our thinking, we then deliver ourselves from …

Philosophy & Ethics

The Normalization of Truth and the Meaning of One’s Existence

In a world of post-truth, the true meaning of truth is lost. In postulating select values as the truth and shaping a normative consensus, we are in a society where a set narrative sets the tone for the internalization of factors involved in that which we value, and in only using these “truths” as a …

An angel birthed into the world
Learning & Development

Following the Cognitive Development of my Baby

I’ve been following the cognitive development of my beautiful daughter. Her social and emotional development is fairly high—she began to recognize faces and observe people interaction, especially that of I as I communicated with others, at a fairly early stage. She would observe the mannerism and demeanour of the other person as well as my …