Philosophy & Ethics

How to carry weight

One of my favorite philosophers spoke about “weight of a burden”. In my opinion, we shouldn’t make the weight of a burden become a load which one carries on their backs and cause suffering and pain; it should only be undertaken as a means to an end, to bring you relief after the undertaking has passed, which then brings for a means to rejoice. But not having sight of this can turn a burden into a heart-wrenching pain where life’s sorrows can enter and bring further unnecessary weight that bears down on the soul. To be light-weight, one may take on a burden without the oppression of an enormous load—but when we are burdened by unnecessary weight, it imposes on the soul and the sorrow which ensues will needlessly shatter a life. When we are in a state where we are capable of taking on a burden without turning it into a horrendous load by adding the unnecessary weight of a negative state of mind that brings misery, we carry that burden until it is time to put it aside and recognize when the right time has come —by which is a time to enjoy as the entire process will yield better for you! #higherconsciousness

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