Blessings, Motherhood

Embodiment of the divine

I remember when I went to this place I touched the sand with my bare feet and realized that I am blessed. As I walked the shoreline with my daughter our spirits touched the natural grace of the setting sun that bathed over our olive skin. The sand was warm and I remember that in spite of the trials of life I was able to walk in grace knowing the great I am overcoming all obstacles in remembrance that there is life —water is the divine embodiment of life and as I held onto my beautiful little Angel and overlooked the shoreline I knew that life is held in the truth stored within the tabernacle of grace held in the divinity we walk through all the days of our life.

I spent the day here with my beautiful daughter and I knew that it was special as we allowed the waves to wash over our spirits and God’s grace to come over us. It was a time I knew that I was blessed.

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