Philosophy & Ethics

The Normalization of Truth and the Meaning of One’s Existence


In a world of post-truth, the true meaning of truth is lost. In postulating select values as the truth and shaping a normative consensus, we are in a society where a set narrative sets the tone for the internalization of factors involved in that which we value, and in only using these “truths” as a mechanism to continue to get what we want rather than seek real meaning, we bring about destructive forces within—one is in a state of knowing, however, when the higher law is governed above all else and supersedes any destructive force within an individual. A person becomes sovereign, powerful, above any societal malpractice and injustice, firmly rooted and constant in a state of knowing; thus, not easily swayed by turmoil that may threaten the fabric of one’s existence: one must find this within the self to be grounded and in position to see real truth!

Truth smashed down to the ground will rise again undaunted.

— Martin Luther King Jr.

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