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Following the Cognitive Development of my Baby

An angel birthed into the world

I’ve been following the cognitive development of my beautiful daughter. Her social and emotional development is fairly high— facial recognition in the developmental portion of the brain is fairly significant to the growth of your baby and I recognized this very early in faith as she began to observe people and became aware of their interaction, especially that of I as I communicated with others. She would observe the mannerism and demeanour of the other person as well as my reaction to them during conversation; and when the person would engage my daughter through speech or gestures, she would observe them, glance at me for approval, and then engage them—and her reactive response toward them would be contingent on her own intake on the entire social interaction between myself and the other person.

My baby was blessed with very bright and engaging eyes that were wide open and observant on the day that she was born! I often receive comments that she is special and there is a certain wisdom behind her eyes! Some say akin to that of an old soul. I know that it’s inherit from a timeless greater quality touched in the heights of greatness!

My daughter is also very special on another level!

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