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As a woman who values the learning and development of her baby, I’ve developed a large collection of children’s books for my daughter consisting of reading material from various genres that I had hand-chosen. This one was in time for Black History month a few years ago but the teaching I was trying to apply can be seen all year round — I often spend a lot of time in children’s bookstores to ensure that I find what I need for the learning and cognitive growth of my child.

Given the socio-economic relations within our world and knowing that children are looking to fit in to such a world, governed by social laws that may contradict who we are within, I would like my child to remain strong in the entirety of who she truly is; knowing that her identity is quintessential to the uniqueness of who she is and and that her journey in life is governed by greater within. In being steadfast in who she is, she will accomplish her dreams.


A book on highly accomplished, bold and beautiful women: and perfect for my baby!

In a world that dictates who you ought to be, I feel it’s important for children to love themselves in all the shapes and colours that they come.

I would also like my child to be strong in her identity

This particular book is about iconic activists in history who paved the way for change in our world.

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