An Island Adventure

When I was a child I had many visits to Centre Island, a well-known recreational spot in my city for both residence and tourist alike. It was a part of my childhood experience that remained close to my heart. I wanted my daughter to have this experience as well, right down to the ferry rides from the island.

Today marked the day of my first visit with my child as I passed by a water taxi who announced the next ride to the island. This pegged my curiosity and I wound up having a conversation with him and eventually inquired to visit. The driver explained I just needed to buy a ticket. There was a pirate theme to the water taxi and served as a pleasant memory for my first trip to the island with my baby.

Water cabby
Once we boarded, the water taxi guy took a photo of Faith and I.

Summer hasn’t officially hit just yet but it’s a beautiful day. This was my first attempt at using a water taxi and it was a pleasant experience, one that I’m happy to have shared with my daughter. When we visit the area I usually point out the boats and say the word “boat” to my baby. I’m sure she’s happy to board her first boat and take a ride with her mother.

The water cab offered to take a photo of us with the skyline in the background!

Here, I couldn’t resist capturing the moment onboard the “pirate ship”:

Onboard the Pirate Ship.

We docked nearby the ferry docks on the water. It’s been a long time since I last visited the island so I grabbed a map to survey the area. I wanted to have dinner overlooking a nice view of the skyline, so I decided to approach an information booth where I ironically encountered an agent that was eating his dinner inside. He gave me some advice but it wasn’t until I engaged a few other people in friendly chitchat did I discover that the nearby marina also held a restaurant overlooking beautiful lake views which I could experience while I dined.

This is the view from Centre Island upon docking!

When I arrived at the marina some friendly folks guided me to the restaurant, they were mindful of my stroller and revealed an easier path for me to take given that certain areas were being renovated.

Just A Wave Away!

Just A Wave Away is a restaurant nestled right on the water. I enjoyed dining outdoors with the cool breeze on a hot day and watch the waves stir the calm water. As I’ve mentioned before, I have a spiritual connection with the natural environment and dining close to the lake with my baby was an extraordinary experience.

Dining with my Daughter

Before I had my dinner, I ensured that my daughter ate first.

And she did!

Upon leaving I explored a portion of the park with my daughter. We traveled to a secluded space that held a riverbank where I heard the quiet chirp of the birds and witnessed a few small animals skitter by. Immediately, my daughter signalled to me that she wanted to know what was happening and see what was going on, which she normally does while in her stroller, so I picked her up and held her as she looked around. My baby tends to absorb her environment and when we venture into a natural environment I believe she can sense the peace emitting from the atmosphere. Faith and I are spiritually connected and when this peaceful spirit envelops me, I absolutely just know that she can sense it too.

There was an exceedingly long moment when my daughter Faith kept gazing at the patterns that emitted from the foliage of this tree. And the expression on her face was akin to the one of wisdom which falls over her visage during our worship and daily prayer. I believe that the lord may be touched through a peaceful essence and my daughter Faith who is the embodiment of a wise soul has access to a spiritual truth that many adults simply cannot access through mind constructs that have been hardwired in the operation of our world. The bible says “be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind”. I believe there is a higher power that we all must bow before and as we do this we see transformative change in our hearts, minds and hence our life. I believe that my daughter can process things on a higher spiritual level, and while babies are learning to communicate through their language development and do not speak like adults can, their innocence leads them to be close to the greater essence which adults have lost over time. And as my baby is very gifted I am confident that that wise spirit leads her to touch a knowledge that can only be processed on the level of God by virtue of the kingdom that lives within the heart.

Onboard the Island Ferry

On the way back Faith and I boarded the Toronto Ferry from the Island. As a child I have vivid memories of the ferry rides to the island and I’m grateful to share the first of many experiences for my daughter.

Sharing our first ferry ride together.

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